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India Deaf Matrimonial is a online matrimonial website dedicated to helping men and women find desired Indian deaf bride/groom in a comfortable online environment. Our personals website will be a source for creating relationships ranging from companionship to friendship, romance to marriage. Deaf enjoy chat rooms, message boards, photo personals, a photo galleWELCOME TO INDIA DEAF MATRIMONIAL SITE

As per latest estimate there are around 7 to 7.5 million deaf world wide, many of the deaf find it difficult to get their desired match despite technological innovation for making their life easier. The Indian deaf although they are smart, lack cooperation from their counterpart, which led them to live in isolation, uncaring attitude of their parents, thus in turn when they grow up, they end up in same way. With technological innovation, we have started a website for the deaf for finding their right partner.

Deaf can take advantage of our innovative ideas, be it for marriage counseling, items required for marriage like bridal wares, ornaments, bridal make-ups, like wise various items, also deaf can avail many other benefits.

In the past, the deaf community were small, they were happy with their parental support as they gets married to their far or near relatives without much hesitation, they were leading happy married life. But now a day it has completely changed and nobody care for the deaf, so we as a team has taken this initiative to launch this website which deaf can use for their own benefit. Now a day, many deaf have good education, they are also computer literate, they can use information technology for their own advantage, thus they can find their choicest bride online and also they can establish relation which will lead them ultimately to marriage and lead a happy life

In India, we have many such deaf who facing problems in their marriage, some of the examples are :

a. Devika, aged 42, a keralate, worked with multinational found it very difficult to find a suitable match for her, she has accumun, beauty but could not find a suitable groom for her, she hails from good family background, still searching a suitable match.

b. Kini, aged 38, run from pillar to post to find a suitable match for himself, he has good education and family background still hopeful of getting a good match.

c. Simi, a pune based brahmin girl still searching a suitable match, she is highly educated and seeks a computer literate groom.

d. Prashant, a konkoni, aged 34, working with Nationalised Bank, still find it difficult to get his choicest bride, despite opposition from his parents he is determined to find a deaf bride for himself.

e. Prakash, a sindhi aged 38, working in a nationalised bank still hopeful of getting a sindhi bride for himself. He is from cultured family with high standards,

There are many such examples which you will find in our website

A curious glance to many profiles will throw light of many deaf, who are facing difficulties in finding their suitable match, despite their parents finding it very difficulty and running from pillar to post whole of India to get their choicest match. We hope our site will help them relieve from traveling from whole of India to get good match and also will lot of time and effort and we hope it will their last stop for finding good match for their siblings.

We seek your support for launching the website for hapless deaf of India, and we also hope beautiful deaf Indian brides will get their dream mate from this site.

Please be generous to advertise in our website for various deaf help assistances which you can provide.

With Warm Regards,

India Deaf Matrimonial Team
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